Your posts/tweets shape the online identity of your business.

I have seen a number of business owners who don’t have time for social media and assign it to an inexperienced employee or a family member offers to handle it for them. I will leave the argument “is this a good idea” aside for the moment.

Please remember this person is shaping your online identity, their posts/tweets are a representation of your business. Spelling mistakes, poor grammar and replying to feedback from customers or complaints in an inappropriate manner will damage your brand.

Setting some basic ground rules can help in the short-term.

  1. Create a list of the do and don’t of best practice of social media as they relate to your business.
  2. Write a disclaimer.
  3. Always check spelling and grammar before posting.
  4. Inform management of any negative comments/posts and have clear guidelines in your social media policy on how to handle negative posting.

Most important rule for employees- if in doubt about the material you are posting, don’t post.

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