We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Sligo.ie, Creative Ireland, and Sligo County Council on the Look Local, Look Sligo campaign. This campaign was created to support small businesses in the Sligo area and showcase their commitment to sustainability and local offerings for the holiday season. We are passionate about supporting small businesses and promoting economic development in our community, and it was a rewarding experience for us to be part of this campaign.

The Look Local, Look Sligo campaign was designed to encourage people in the Sligo area to shop locally and support the businesses in their community. This was especially important this year, as many small businesses have faced challenges due to the pandemic, high inflation, and global supply chain issues.

One of the highlights of working on the Look Local, Look Sligo campaign was the chance to work with such a talented and dedicated team at Sligo.ie and Creative Ireland. They were professional and committed to delivering a high-quality campaign that would make a real difference for the community.

The main elements of the campaign included the development of a marketing and promotional strategy, including ads and digital content, as well as updates to the Sligo Food Trail website to represent the campaign and other marketing materials. We worked closely with local businesses to ensure that the campaign was tailored to their specific needs and effectively promoted their products and services.

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with all of the stakeholders, and we know that the campaign will have a positive impact on the local business community. We hope that the success of this campaign will inspire more people to shop locally and support the small businesses in their own communities.