Let’s talk Business Cards

Do you use them? Are they prominently displayed in your business and at all events you attend. Do you reorder without ever really looking at the card and how your business has changed.

Your business cards and/or your logo are often the first introduction a potential customer has to your business. They should invite potential customers to contact you and inspire the customer to do business with you.

Read this great article from Empower Yourself with Color Psychology to see how colour plays a vital role in representing your business to the best of its ability.

The above article is also relevant to logo design as the choice of colour you choose on your logo, is part of your brand colours and should be carried across all mediums i.e. online and traditional etc

Is your business card working for you.

  • Has your title, logo or brand colours changed?
  • Have you all the relevant contact details on your card?
  • If you are using social media, have you included the relevant icons to let people know how they can reach you.
  • Are your photographs dated?
  • Are your cards printed on good quality card?
  • Could you incorporate an appointment card on the other side or a map?
If you are currently using a hotmail, gmail or eircom account, consider getting a more professional email address i.e yourname@yourbusiness.ie

Plus…who said your card needs to be rectangle? It can be any design or shape that reflects your business.

If you find your business cards are not representing your business to its full potential, now is the time to change it.

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